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Friday, December 03, 2010

For the Well-Dressed Woodworker

'Occupational Hazard' What Size?


'Mandatory Waiting Period' What Size?

'Going Green'  What Size?

'Domestic Bliss' What Size?

Can't decide on just one?  Need one for you and one for a buddy?  Choose two shirts and save 20%.  Just specify which shirts and which sizes you need in the text box below:

'Pick Two Special' What Size?

So why are we spending valuable shop hours designing t-shirts?  Well for starters, we love clever t-shirts.  Hey, you gotta wear something and it may as well be amusing.  More importantly, however, we are looking to get on the road for several months with The Woodworking Shows and need to get a little creative in our funding.  I will be expanding my role with them as an educator--something I've been doing for three years now--moving from more of a side-show into one of their main speaker slots.  

It would be great for our woodworking school, of course, to increase our exposure to so many cities all over the country.  When we get to meet people in person in the shows, teach them some new skills and help them get inspired to try new things, something clicks.  It's good for our business and it's good for their woodworking.  But this is more than just a job.  We would be on the road together as a family for about four months.  

On the road.  As a family.  For four months.

We educate our kids at home anyway, so school is not a problem.  In fact, school will rock.  We live in rural Montana and our kids will get to see the whole country, with historical sites, national parks and monuments, museums, the whole shabang (is that a word?).   We like to travel and learn together anyway, so taking school on the road will be great.  School to go.  School with wheels instead of walls.  They'll become Road Scholars!  Ok, enough about that.  We like each other.  We like to have adventures together.  This would be the adventure of a lifetime.  

Back to the shirts.  We are rounding up sponsors to get behind us at the shows, but we are also looking for additional creative methods to raise a few extra bucks.  Did you know they charge twenty-something bucks to go up in the Empire State Building now?

So if you like the shirts, scroll back up there and go for it.  Buy one for yourself--or a few.  They make great gifts, too, of course.  But don't take too long.  There's sawdust to be made.  The shop calls.

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